Feed Distiller for Site Owners

If your website owner, then to keep readers involved you need regularly updated content. Feed Distiller is just what you need to produce regular feeds with pertinent and interesting content your site.

We also have a free service for micro-site owners, anyone getting less than 10,000 page hit a day. For such site we produce our web feeds as a fully restyleable and resizeable widget to fit in any web page. Its much more featured than the usual RSS widget since each item opens out to a description and possibly a picture.

Getting regular Content for your site in less than 10 minutes

If you've got a website lacking in content, we reckon using feed distiller and its Feed Widget, will fix that in less than 10 minute.

Here hows to do it.

  1. Login
  2. Create a feed about your subject
  3. Use our FeedFinder to find a ten or so blog feed on your subject.
  4. Put your web page as the reference page
  5. Wait a minute or so for Feed Distiller to process the feed
  6. View the feed (HTML), and click the get Widget button
  7. Style the Widget to match your web page.
  8. Copy the Widget HTML onto your web page.
  9. Done. You've got 8 hourly updated content for your site.

Example Feed

Internet Advertising