• C++ Programming

    Updated: 2021-11-19 15:51:14
    C++ is a cross-platform language that can be used to create high-performance applications.C++ was de

  • OData Responses in Camel-Case for Non-EDMs in ASP.NET Core

    Updated: 2021-11-18 19:55:16
    This could be a pretty specific issue and I don’t even guess that the 0.01% of the ASP.NET Cor

  • Importance of Graphic Design in Digital Marketing

    Updated: 2021-11-16 20:27:23
    It’s a proven fact that there is a direct correlation between effective and efficient design and business growth. Some marketing experts go so far as to say that relevant graphic design serves as the cornerstone of any brand. If you still are not convinced, let’s have a more detailed look on benefits it can offer in terms of running a high-performance digital marketing campaign.

  • XX3 64 Bit Hash is Very Fast

    Updated: 2021-11-14 01:14:38
    Using lookup3, the sxe-jitson benchmark is much quicker: Loaded dictionary in 0.111029s, size 47346k

  • What is programming? ( প্রোগ্রামিং কি?)

    Updated: 2021-11-13 07:52:35
    Programming: The main purpose of using a computer is to solve problems. Programming is one of the wa

  • sxe-jitson: Just In Time Indexing

    Updated: 2021-11-13 05:55:02
    I began this hack because I wanted a JSON parser that was fast and memory efficient, and yet allowed

  • Adding 2 numbers - real/floating point numbers

    Updated: 2021-11-13 02:23:28
    0004 Exercise 1 : Modify your code from the previous example to use floating point numbers 5.1 and 6

  • Adding 2 numbers – Outputting the result with printf()

    Updated: 2021-11-13 01:44:57
    0003-OutputResults Exercise: Modify your previous code to output results using printf() Video Demons

  • Adding 2 numbers – (Declaring integer variables, Watching Variables)

    Updated: 2021-11-13 01:13:43
    0002-ADDING 2 integers , 5 and 6 no output Exercise 1 Write code which declares 2 integer vari

  • Your First Program Using Codeblocks IDE

    Updated: 2021-11-12 23:43:24
    0001 Your first program *Using Codeblocks 17.12 1. Create a new Project 2.Select “Console Applicatio

  • sxe-jitson: A Minor Update

    Updated: 2021-11-07 02:14:11
    At the suggestion of Vinnie Parla, I switched from duplicating the stack after parsing JSON to reall

  • Relational Operators

    Updated: 2021-11-04 15:52:25
    >> Relation operator সিদ্বান্ত গ্রহণের কাজে ব্যবহৃত হয় #Control Statement [To use the Relatio

  • sxe-jitson Accessor Functions

    Updated: 2021-11-04 04:14:47
    I just added functions for getting the size of a parsed JSON string (number of characters), array (n

  • Sum of an Array with Variable Size – in C

    Updated: 2021-11-03 05:13:45
    #include <stdio.h> int main() { int num = 0; int a[num]; int sum = 0; scanf("%d"

  • sxe-jitson: Parsing JSON in C

    Updated: 2021-11-01 02:20:49
    There at least a dozen JSON parsers written in C (see JSON Shootout on ithub for more informat

  • সব Arithmetic Operator (+ ,- , * , / ,%) ব্যাবহার করে

    Updated: 2021-10-29 18:55:24
    #সব Arithmetic Operator (+ ,– , * , / ,%) ব্যাবহার করে /*দুটি ইনপুট নিয়ে এবং সক অপারেটর (+ ,-

  • What is Arithmetic Operator?

    Updated: 2021-10-29 09:36:52
    An operator that performs arithmetic operations on groups and numbers. #C তে গাণিতিক এক্সপ্রেশন যেভা

  • Operator, operant and expression

    Updated: 2021-10-26 19:08:28
    #operator, operant and expression [Operator হলো + , – , * , /  etc.] #operator এর

  • Print the greatest using formula just

    Updated: 2021-10-26 16:37:44
    এমনিতে তো আমরা if-else ব্যবহার করে বৃহত্তম সংখ্যা বের করেছি, এবার সরাসরি ফর্মুলা দিয়ে বের করবো। //Gr

  • Is It Possible to Be Anonymous Online?

    Updated: 2021-10-12 11:21:54
    Can you take complete control of your online privacy? It is possible to a certain degree. As long as you go online, you will give away certain details. However, there are ways to minimize tracking and enjoy more privacy and a safer experience.

  • Can Kids Learn C++?

    Updated: 2021-09-22 19:08:03
    Learning computer programming languages is no longer a trend but a necessity in several parts of the world. The real issue for many parents and perhaps people who understand coding and the depth of C++ is one – can the kids really understand C++? The answer is Yes, and No. It depends on two main factors. First is your kid's age, and second is whether there's a reliable teacher or coach to guide them. If your kid is below 8 years, learning C++, even with the help of a teacher, would prove quite challenging.

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