• Third Pesach Without You

    Updated: 2021-03-26 00:21:14
    You never removed leaven. (Salt, sugar, and oil: sure, but that was different.) This year the work of finding every last crumb is daunting. I take respite in the seder prep I know you used to do, polishing the silver...

  • ClouDNS YouTube

    Updated: 2021-03-21 23:58:23
    About Press Copyright Contact us Creator Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy Safety How YouTube works Test new features 2021 Google LLC ClouDNS YouTube

  • Napkins

    Updated: 2021-03-20 23:17:39
    Mom, I'm using the cocktail napkins you gave me when I moved out on my own, simple and grey with my single name in red, an echo of the ones you ordered when I married. They've been on a shelf...

  • Velveteen Rabbi's Haggadah... in new slide form

    Updated: 2021-03-17 23:04:11
    As we approach our second Zoom Pesach, I'm sharing a set of slides that I created out of the Velveteen Rabbi's Haggadah for Pesach. The slides were made with google slides, and reflect what I've learned over the last year...

  • The virus was distant, the virus was here

    Updated: 2021-03-15 01:21:54
    The virus was distant, the virus was here. We learned new language: quarantine, lockdown bewildered by mourning we didn't see coming. One hundred thousand deaths: unthinkable. We learned new language: quarantine, lockdown, how to be real while together apart. Two...

  • As Pesach approaches again

    Updated: 2021-03-11 22:49:40
    When we planned our first pandemic Zoom seders a year ago, none of us imagined that we would be preparing now for a second "season of our liberation" locked down at home. There's a sense of emotional and spiritual heaviness....

  • March funeral

    Updated: 2021-03-01 06:23:44
    The hearse got stuck in the mud-snow. I watched from graveside as they tried reverse then pushing -- finally backing down to approach from the other side. Mourners in inappropriate footwear struggled in icy mud. I thought of Mom --...

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