• What Would It Be Like To Travel Into A Black Hole?

    Updated: 2013-01-11 18:10:55
    Home Blog Articles Videos About Contact What Would It Be Like to Travel Into a Black Hole Download this video mov 1280x720 472.34MB Black holes are among the simplest objects in the universe . They are simpler than stars , much simpler than planets , and vastly simpler than human beings . Black holes are what is created when matter is compressed into a very small place . They are General Relativity's most extreme prediction . They are commonly created from the violent deaths of stars many times the size of our sun , usually forming from the collapsed core of a supergiant star after it explodes . At the heart of a black hole is a singularity . An infinitesimal point in space where the pull of gravity is infinitely strong and spacetime infinitely curved . At the singularity , space and time

  • Goodnight Patrick

    Updated: 2013-01-10 23:11:00
    Astronomy Blog You are : in Astronomy Blog archive Goodnight Patrick An astronomy blog usually but not always based in the UK . Pondering questions such as What is in an exoplanet name Goodnight Patrick 2012 was a sad year . We lost Neil Armstrong , Sir Bernard Lovell and , in December , Sir Patrick Moore For anyone who grew up in the UK , Patrick was synonymous with astronomy . He presented the Sky At Night from a few months before the launch of Sputnik in 1957 right up to and including the current episode which was filmed just before his death . His books and TV appearances got many amateur and professional astronomers into the subject when they were . children I only met Patrick on three occasions and each one was memorable . The first time I was a student helper at the International

  • A Gemini Masterpiece

    Updated: 2013-01-10 19:31:28
      An image by the Gemini telescope shows the power of adaptive optics in this image debuted at the 221 American Astronomical Society. Take a look at the article via the BBC.

  • Brown Dwarf Weather

    Updated: 2013-01-09 19:31:05
    The press release is pretty complete, a bit long but fun reading especially when they are talking about the atmosphere. Kt is kind of strange to think clouds on a sun, but then brown dwarfs are strange things. Here’s the … Continue reading →

  • Stargazing live – with some help from robot telescopes

    Updated: 2013-01-09 13:42:18
    Turn autoplay off Turn autoplay on Please activate cookies in order to turn autoplay off Jump to content s Jump to comments c Jump to site navigation 0 Jump to search 4 Terms and conditions 8 Edition : UK US Sign in Mobile Your profile Your details Your comments Your clippings Your lists Sign out Mobile About us About us Contact us Press office Guardian Print Centre Guardian readers' editor Observer readers' editor Terms of service Privacy policy Advertising guide Digital archive Digital edition Guardian Weekly Buy Guardian and Observer photos Today's paper The Guardian G2 features Comment and debate Editorials , letters and corrections Obituaries Other lives Sport SocietyGuardian Subscribe Subscribe Subscribe to the Guardian iPhone app iPad edition Kindle Extra Guardian Weekly Digital

  • Chandra Captures Neutron Star Action

    Updated: 2013-01-09 03:29:30
    interesting x-ray movie. –Ben Chandra Captures Neutron Star Action This movie from NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory shows a fast moving jet of particles produced by a rapidly rotating neutron star, and may provide new insight into the nature of some of the densest matter in the universe. The star of this movie is the Vela [...]

  • Caldwell 5 and NuSTAR

    Updated: 2013-01-08 18:29:19
    The galaxy Caldwell 5 from Digitized Sky Survey and NuSTAR X-ray data. Click for larger.  I did a post about a black hole a little bit back and it got me wondering what was going on with NuSTAR and next … Continue reading →

  • Tres Amicis

    Updated: 2013-01-06 18:18:00
    Here we have an image for the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter’s Camera (LROC). As we can see the Tres Amicis are three craters appearing to have formed at nearly the same time. The Southwestern most crater is thought to have first … Continue reading →

  • Voyager: Rendezvous With Neptune

    Updated: 2013-01-05 15:33:49
    The Full title: Voyager: Rendezvous With Neptune, 1989 TV Special with Carl Sagan Wouldn’t fit in my title space. There won’t be a riddle today. In the mean time, instead of racking your brain, sit back and enjoy this. Source … Continue reading →

  • Fake New Year

    Updated: 2013-01-03 11:26:00
    Astronomy Blog You are : in Astronomy Blog archive Fake New Year An astronomy blog usually but not always based in the UK . Pondering questions such as What is in an exoplanet name Fake New Year Today I saw this image getting shared around on Twitter . The main source seems to be Paul Blanchard but it had also been tweeted by AtheistEarth over an hour before him . Paul claims it is via apod it isn't and that is why I'd first picked up on it . The tweet : says Wow . Satellite photo taken at the stroke of midnight GMT on New Years Eve Via apod pic.twitter.com WEDKLI3x The implication is that this colourful image is due to new year celebrations . Can you spot the mistakes Not the view at midnight . : CREDIT AtheistEarth Paul Blanchard NASA . Reproduced here under the fair dealing terms

  • Hercules A

    Updated: 2013-01-02 19:49:56
    Hubble brings us this multi-wavelength view of Hercules A. Hercules A is an elliptical galaxy in of all places, the constellation Hercules. The galaxy is also an radio galaxy meaning meaning the black hole at the center is very luminous … Continue reading →

  • Happy New Year

    Updated: 2013-01-01 17:22:49
    New Year’s greetings from the ISS. I would like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to them and all of you!

  • Standing on a spinning rock

    Updated: 2012-12-27 15:52:14
    Another sixties icon passes beyond the veil : Gerry Anderson has gone to join Joe 90 and Torchy the Battery Boy in the sky. Guardian obituary here. First ever episode of Supercar here, and if you want to check out the purple page-boy haircuts and metallic mini-skirts, try Episode 1 of UFO here. Meanwhile, an [...]

  • Global Culture, Ravi Shankar, and Robbie Krieger

    Updated: 2012-12-12 11:50:59
    Last week I was at the Texas Donuts Meeting. More of that anon perhaps. San Antonio was a vibrant mix of American and Mexican culture. This I expected. After all, if it wasn’t for a few stubborn rednecks at the Alamo and San Jacinto, Texas would still be in Mexico. Shame about the oil. Anyhoo, [...]

  • Farewell Patrick

    Updated: 2012-12-10 23:13:09
    Just flew back in from Texas to find that Patrick Moore died.  Here is Brian May’s very nice obituary. I am not one of the many astronomers who knew him personally, but I am one of the even larger number who was originally inspired by him. Here is the book in question : Observers Book [...]

  • (Not So) Small Ads

    Updated: 2012-11-20 11:33:00
    Astronomy Blog You are : in Astronomy Blog archive Not So Small Ads An astronomy blog usually but not always based in the UK . Pondering questions such as What is in an exoplanet name Not So Small Ads An advert seen in Telescope Trader For sale : 3.8m cooled-primary infrared telescope 1979 reg Cassegrain wide-field modes available . Contact Gary or Pat A fictional magazine for selling telescopes . Not to be confused with a funding council home page Tags : UKIRT STFC telescope Posted in astro blog by Stuart on Tuesday 20th Nov 2012 11:33 GMT Add a comment Permalink Comments : ADD A : COMMENT Don't provide an email URL unless really necessary as your comment may get caught in the spam filter . No URLs get turned into links so don't bother . The ground rules for commenting : are No profanity

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