• Amazon: Where Does It Get AI Technology?

    Updated: 2021-03-26 09:40:33
    I saw an interesting table from Global Data Financial Deals Database. What’s interesting is that Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft were active purchasers of AI companies. I understand that “taking something off the table” is a sound business tactic. Even if the AI technology embodied in a takeover is wonky, a competitor cannot take advantage […]

  • How about Those Cyber Security Awards? Great in the Wake of SolarWinds and the MSFT Exchange Issues

    Updated: 2021-03-26 09:15:39
    The Cyber Defense Awards, hosted by Cyber Defense Magazine, has released its list of “InfoSec Awards for 2020-Winners.” The introduction reads: “These InfoSec Awards are in their 8th year and specifically focused on finding innovative infosec players who have a presence in the United States and other countries. With over 3,200 cybersecurity companies worldwide, only […]

  • Sounds Good: Financial Firms Need Organic Search Strategies

    Updated: 2021-03-26 09:10:12
    ATM Marketplace draws our attention to a recent study from SEO firm Terakeet in, “Google Study Shows Companies Need to Tap Into Organic Search Strategies to Drive Greater Traffic.” Hmm, sounds like Google’s algorithm may be at odds with its goal of selling paid-search ads. We learn: “The report, Google Market Share Report for Personal […]

  • How about That 5G?

    Updated: 2021-03-26 09:05:09
    Here we have some premium marketing hoo hah from Digital Trends, “8 Exciting Use Cases that Show What 5G Can Really Do.” In our experience, most people find 4G,LTE, and ATT DSS-fake-5G to be faster than 5G. The write-up seems to presage a time when 5G Ultra Wideband networks have expanded much farther than they […]

  • Exchange Servers: Not Out of the Dog House Yet

    Updated: 2021-03-25 09:20:31
    Here’s a chilling statement I spotted in “Microsoft Servers Being Hacked Faster Than Anyone Can Count”: This free-for-all [Exchange Server] attack opportunity is now being exploited by vast numbers of criminal gangs, state-backed threat actors and opportunistic “script kiddies… Because access is so easy, you can assume that majority of these environments have been breached. […]

  • The Google: Accused of Going Slow

    Updated: 2021-03-25 09:15:57
    I love the automated emails which inform me that one of my WordPress posts has violated Google AMP requirements. We use an automated system to post. We don’t make changes on the fly to our posts. Yet Google wants us to stop everything and fix an AMP issue. The only problem is that we did […]

  • High Tech Tension: Sparks Visible, Escalation Likely

    Updated: 2021-03-25 09:10:15
    I read Google’s “Our Ongoing Commitment to Supporting Journalism.” The write up is interesting because it seems to be a dig at a couple of other technology giants. The bone of contention is news, specifically, indexing and displaying it. The write up begins with a remarkable statement:Google has always been committed to providing high-quality and […]

  • Insights into Google AMP: A Glimpse Inside the Walled Garden

    Updated: 2021-03-25 09:05:22
    Google is talking privacy. Google is pushing accelerated Web pages. Google is doing what it can to stifle third party cookies. The datasphere will be a better, more tidy place, right? Navigate to “Google AMP. A 70% Drop in Our Conversion Rate.” Notice these points: A technical adept tried to follow the Google rules and […]

  • Google and Obfuscation: Who Cares?

    Updated: 2021-03-24 11:14:03
    Google began the process of obfuscating the source of Web pages years ago. There were services which would convert a weird Google version of a PDF’s url into something one could use in a footnote. I have one tool which performs this function now, but I am reluctant to identify it. Why? Google will kill […]

  • Historical Revisionism: Twitter and Wikipedia

    Updated: 2021-03-24 09:15:51
    I wish I could recall the name of the slow talking wild-eyed professor who lectured about Mr. Stalin’s desire to have the history of the Soviet Union modified. The tendency was evident early in his career. Ioseb Besarionis dz? Jughashvili became Stalin, so fiddling with received wisdom verified by Ivory Tower types should come as […]

  • Publications Kate Starbird

    Updated: 2021-03-21 22:54:35
    Kate Starbird AssOCIATE Professor University of Washington , HCDE Site Navigation Skip Home Publications Talks Teaching Advising Research Funding Sidebar Skip Publications Tom Wilson and Kate Starbird . 2020   Cross-Platform Disinformation Campaigns : Lessons Learned and Next Steps   The Harvard Kennedy School HKS Misinformation Review https : doi.org 10.37016 mr-2020-002 Kate Starbird , Ahmer Arif , Tom Wilson . 2019 Disinformation as Collaborative Work : Surfacing the Participatory Nature of Strategic Information . Operation   PACMHCI . 3, Computer-Supported Cooperative Work CSCW 2019 Article 127. Ahmer Arif , Leo G . Stewart , and Kate Starbird . 2018 Acting the Part : Examining Information Operations within BlackLivesMatter Discourse   PACMHCI . 2, Computer-Supported Cooperative

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