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    AshleyFord Web design development Contact Projects can take many forms and I enjoy the challenge of both design and . development Designing simple interfaces that can integrate with complex backend . infrastructures Working with clients to develop and extend their ideas is all part of the creative . challenge About . Me I've spent my career in web development , working for a number of leading technology companies in the UK . I joined Myspace as one of the only developers outside the US , working on digital marketing campaigns for large consumer and entertainment brands . In 2009 I moved to Spotify as the first web designer outside of their headquarters in Stockholm . Following a stint at mobile-ad solutions InMobi , I co-founded digital agency . Harkable I now work independently with a

  • Digital Social Media Agency Harkable

    Updated: 2021-03-22 04:05:32
    back Harkable Digital Social Media Agency Chris , Will and I founded Harkable in 2010 after working together at Myspace . We were working in social media marketing before it even became a thing We had the pleasure of working with brands big and small spanning various projects from design and developement on web and mobile , through to marketing strategies and disaster recovery plans . I left Harkable in 2016 to persue other . adventures Web Design and Development to get your product or brand selling Email Twitter LinkedIn Find ashleyford LinkedIn Ashley Ford Ltd , 247 Church Street , London , N16 9HP

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