Feed Distiller was online from 2008 to 2016 How ever the adverts on the site didn't pay for the Host and Server Requirements. We have brought it back, we bring 450 RSS/ATOM from multiple sources for each. However we need to remove the dead sources, and add fresh one, which is a partial manual process, so watch for new content. At the moment we are not providing the ability to create your own feeds, and sarch for source feeds, but that will returned in a couple of months

In the meantime, check out our Mobile Games over at Axial Force Games

Feed Distiller is a tool for managing and creating rss and atom feeds. We take a list of blogs (rss or atom) Feeds and remove all of the chaff your not interested in, by only keeping the pages similar to existing articles. We use advanced information retrival and artificial intelligence systems, to judge the subject matter of each article. And also provided a search gateway to feed orginal source feeds.

You can instantly include any of our public feeds and those you create for yourself on you web page, by grabbing the HTML of our feed widget