• Jessica Alba To Jay Leno: My Vegan Icing “Sucked!”

    Updated: 2009-04-24 21:57:58
    Jessica Alba recently appeared on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno to discuss her first Easter with daughter Honor Marie Warren. What’s so cool about Jessica’s first Easter with Honor is that she tried to keep things vegan! According to Celebritybabyblog.com, the cupcakes were “organic, dairy-free, egg-free cupcakes.” Jessica described the cupcakes as “awesome” and “moist,” but the [...]

  • Anoop Desai Drafted For Animal Safe Sex Education By PETA

    Updated: 2009-04-24 21:05:06
    Anoop Desai walked the plank on American Idol this week because he didn’t receive enough votes. But just because he didn’t win American Idol, doesn’t mean he’s not being drafted by companies to be a spokesperson. PETA India thinks Anoop would be perfect to front a campaign on getting pets spayed and neutered. The group is  asking him [...]

  • World Week for Animals in Laboratories

    Updated: 2009-04-24 16:57:10
    This is the week when the plight of animals in laboratories is remembered by compassionate people world over. Every year, hundreds of millions of animals are tortured and exterminated in laboratories and classrooms, victims of a backward mindset stuck in the 19th century. Despite what the medical professional and scientists say, everyone can argue against the [...]

  • Slice Of Vegan Birthday Cake To (Drum Roll)

    Updated: 2009-04-24 16:06:47
    A big slice of vegan birthday cake goes out to the following vegetarian or vegan celebrities today. Kelly Clarkson (27) Possibly Related Posts: Slice Of Vegan Birthday Cake To (Drum Roll) Susan Boyle Makeover Includes Going Vegan? Slice Of Vegan Birthday Cake To (Drum Roll) Missy Higgins Fronts New PETA Anti-Fur Ad With Best Friend Izzy Meatless Mouthful: Tovah Feldshuh Likes Her [...]

  • Russell Simmons Sneaks Fish, Eggs In Vegan Diet

    Updated: 2009-04-24 14:44:00
    Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about the Economy OMG! Vegan Russell Simmons has just admitted to eating fish every once in awhile and not caring about the egg in his noodles. On a recent interview with msnbc.com, Russell announced a contest he is holding to find America’s Greenest Campus where colleges can [...]

  • Stella McCartney’s Mesh Stiletto Pumps For Greener South Beach Life

    Updated: 2009-04-23 21:24:31
      These Stiletto pumps by Stella McCartney are a stretch pricewise from the new Payless eco-friendly collection, but if you can shell out $995, they may help you attain the South Beach lifestyle in a more environmentally friendly way. After Miami Beach was ripped apart by Treehugger.com for being less than kind to Mother Earth, Miami New [...]

  • Social Distortion Frontman Mike Ness Records Vegetarian PSA

    Updated: 2009-04-23 20:06:01
    Mike Ness has recorded his PSA for vegetarianism with PETA. Mike is the front man for the rock band Social Distortion and is making a name for himself in the alterna-country scene. “The more I got educated about cruelty and inhumane treatment… It was really a no-brainer. No one would barbecue their family dog. How is a [...]

  • Emily Deschanel Meat’s Not Green Video

    Updated: 2009-04-23 19:37:26
    Environmentalists take note: If you eat meat, you’re a hypocrite. Meat’s not green, says Emily Deschanel in her latest PSA for PETA. The meat industry is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all forms of transportation combined, according to a recent report by the UN on Climate Change. “There is no such thing as a meat-eating environmentalist. [...]

  • The Hills’ Audrina Patridge Is An Angel For Animal Adoption

    Updated: 2009-04-23 18:10:00
    Drivers going down West Hollywood Blvd. will have to hang on tight to the wheel. The Hills’ Audrina Patridge is the latest celebrity to star in PETA’s Angels For Animals ad that was unveiled there recently. During the photoshoot, Patridge told PETA, “I wanted to get involved with PETA because I’ve always been passionate about animals, and [...]

  • Takoma Park City Council declares City’s first Vegetarian Week

    Updated: 2009-04-22 11:07:09
    Today is Earth Day and all over the world people are pay homage to this fantastic vessel we live on and how a vegan diet can mitigate our impact on this planet. One of the events that called my attention was an initiative by Takoma Park City Council where Mayor Bruce Williams signed a [...]

  • Farm Sanctuary to promote eco-friendly vegan diet for Earth Day

    Updated: 2009-04-17 19:22:45
    Farm Sanctuary, the nation’s leading farm animal protection organization, is coordinating a series of nationwide events for Earth Day (April 22) that will encourage people to “eat green” by reducing or eliminating their consumption of meat and other animal products. The group will be involved in nearly two dozen outreach and education events from coast [...]

  • Vegan Easter by the sea

    Updated: 2009-04-14 11:14:33
    I spent the Easter holiday with a friend in a lovely beach house in a small village in Brazil. The place is a perfect mixture of greenery and seaside, and the tree-roofed unpaved streets are a joy to walk on, barefoot. Unsurprisingly, most restaurants serve fish in their menu which makes eating out somewhat challenging [...]

  • Egg farm investigation leads to ‘changes’, but going vegan is the only significant change

    Updated: 2009-04-13 15:03:17
    I often support the work carried out by Mercy for Animals as we need bigger organizations to expose the rotten-ness of the animal exploitation industry. Last week one of New England’s major egg operations was exposed with undercover footage showing the gruesome nature of their business. Now Radlo Foods says it will convert from the [...]

  • Gay rodeos versus animal rights

    Updated: 2009-04-08 14:17:01
    As a gay man I have always disliked the idea of gay rodeos. For one, it comes from this strange obsession that some gay men have with bullies. Cowboys are a symbol of machismo and although may be valid as a kind of sexual fantasy, acting out the fantasy in rodeos is simply not on. [...]

  • Veggie Dumplings

    Updated: 2009-04-08 14:08:48
    Vegetarian blogs . Shop Blogs Contact Veggie Blogs Search this : blog Veggie Dumplings Most New Yorkers agree that one of the best things about NYC is the fact that any hungry resident or visitor can get pretty much any type of food he’d like any time the craving strikes . And it’s true—whether you’re craving Lebanese or Thai , Korean or Israeli , New York has an authentic restaurant to satisfy your yen . While I like to take advantage of this extraordinary breadth of offerings by trying out new restaurants and new styles of cuisine as often as I can , one of my favorite ways to make the most of New York is by focusing on one dish and attempting to find the best example the city has to . offer Most recently , my dish has been vegetable dumplings . I’ve had an insatiable craving of late , and I’ve made it my mission to locate New York City’s best veggie dumplings . I’ve had soft , pillowy parcels at Chiam in Midtown East half-moon-shaped packets at Heng 2 Thai Bistro in Hell’s Kitchen and pan-fried jade morsels at Ging on the Upper East Side . And while each was tasty in its own way , I don’t feel I’ve yet encountered the absolute pinnacle of veggie-dumpling-dom . Soon , I may

  • Attention-grabbing headlines can cause information disorders

    Updated: 2009-04-05 15:59:52
    Earlier this week several media outlets announced with alarmist headlines that vegetarian diets can cause eating disorders. Of course, those who bother to read full articles, found out that the ‘study’ was not sure whether vegetarian people with alleged disorders had developed the problem before they had become vegetarians or not. But who cares in [...]

  • Animals in scientific experiments

    Updated: 2009-03-30 18:16:00
    Science has long replaced religion as the paradigm of truth. Is it a good thing? In many cases, yes. But science is also deeply entwined with capitalist interests and therefore its version of ‘the truth‘ quite often is spiked with vested interests. I do not agree with experimentation on animals because I simply don’t believe or [...]

  • Veganism versus the credit crunch

    Updated: 2009-03-29 19:08:24
    Contrary to what some people think, a vegan diet is not expensive and, in fact, it can be cheaper than an omnivorous diet. I always felt that was the case from my own experience and I came across a nice post by someone who agrees with me: Meals don’t have to be fancy; they don’t have [...]

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