• A no-brainer: Interior air filtration

    Updated: 2021-03-25 18:02:04
    : Skip to content Air Quality Matters Discourse for all interested in all things air-quality related Menu A no-brainer : Interior air filtration March 25, 2021 I see these advertisements for air fresheners . Never used one nor do I ever intend . to But , by their very being , it is suggestive that the air within interior spaces , particularly in automobiles and trucks , can get a bit stale and or . musty-smelling Though relatively inexpensive , the question is : Do air fresheners go far enough , meaning , are air fresheners everything that they can be Even the ones that require being plugged into a wall outlet By “everything that they can be,” what is meant is : Are they effective at eliminating or removing interior air pollutants Well , I†m guessing that would depend on exactly the

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