• Practice problem 1

    Updated: 2014-04-23 16:21:39
    As no problem of the week anymore, I thought of posting a problem on my own, so we practice a bit for our competitions . I know the solution and anyone who wants may attempt it. We could also make it this way: the one who answers a problem correctly may post the next problem.Deduce the structure of an organic compound which has the following spectra:

  • Re: Chemistry Olympiads - links to national competitions problems

    Updated: 2014-04-23 16:14:36
    Here are some Indian tests: http://olympiads.hbcse.tifr.res.in/subjects/chemistry/papers.

  • Americans and Distrust of Science

    Updated: 2014-04-22 05:31:55
    The news feeds are piping articles across the internets about Americans and their views on matters of science. Of particular interest is the finding that 51 % of respondents expressed a lack of confidence in matters of the big bang and cosmic origins and age. Predictably, scientific models of human origins and evolutionary science also […]

  • Adenocarcinoma Chronicles. After the Radiation.

    Updated: 2014-04-21 06:17:50
    Last week I finished 38 x-ray treatments on the Varian Linear Accelerator with IMRT for my prostate cancer. This device uses a variable leaf collimator for continuous dose adjustment as the beam rotates around the patient. Each treatment is preceded by a CT scan with a built in CT scanner mechanism on the accelerator. This […]

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