• Linguistics, Anthropological Linguistics, and Linguistic Anthropology

    Updated: 2014-04-11 23:38:40
    Defining that increasingly rara avis, the anthropological linguist. The anthropological linguist possess proficiency in linguistic analysis of the sort falling under the umbrella of Basic Linguistic Theory. To put it crudely, s/he can solve problems in phonology, morphology, and syntax. The anthropological linguist conducts fieldwork in order to collect data in the service of the […]

  • Friday fun — run-ins with anthropological hoaxes.

    Updated: 2014-04-04 01:58:25
    There aren’t many things as Upstate-y as the blue and yellow historical markers ornamenting the two-lane roads of the Empire State. One of my favorites is found on the Cherry Valley Turnpike near the Onondaga Reservation. While I knew about the Cardiff Giant through teaching about the scam during my first-ever go-round TAing,1 running across […]

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